TV Series 


Cherif Kader is a police captain in Lyon who is passionate about his job. His field experience is extensive and his methods are often unconventional. Everything changes when he gets his new partner, an ambitious officer who does things by the book.


Directed by: Bruno Garcia (season 6, France, 2018)

Screenplay: Cécile Leclère, Yannick Hervieu, Lionel Olenga

Cast: Abdelhafid Metalsi (Kader Cherif), Aurore Erguy (Roxane Le Goff), Élodie Hesme (Déborah Atlan), François Bureloup (Joël Baudemont), Greg Germain (Jean-Paul Doucet), Vincent Primault (Philippe Dejax), Samir Zrouki (Eddy Valette), Tassadit Mandi (Salima Cherif), James Gonin (Gabriel), Nathalie Blanc (Christelle Laurent)

Genre: detective

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