''L'Epicerie'' is a must for anybody who is interested in what is on their plate and everything to do with food. On the line-up: Live reports, investigations, taste tests, trials and answers to questions sent in by viewers, not to mention all the advice and simple but useful tips.

Presented by: Denis Gagné and Johane Despins.

Next airing time:
Fri 18/1014:28
Episode 20/31
Programme summary: - The curse of supermarket food waste - Taste-testing alcohol-free beer - Pros and cons of the keto diet - Japanese mochis - Asparagus Presented by: Denis Gagné, Johane Despins.
Fri 25/1014:30
Episode 21/31
Programme summary: - The art of cooking fish whole - Coulis in every taste and colour - Blanching vegetables - The Tomahawk - The pistachio Presented by: Denis Gagné, Johane Despins.
Fri 01/1114:30
Episode 22/31
"L'Épicerie", the place to be for all those who are interested in what they put on their plates and all things relating to food. The programme: reports, surveys, taste tests, test benches, answers to questions from television viewers, including advice and simple but effective tricks. Presented by: Denis Gagné, Johane Despins.



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