At the wheel of her combi, Émilie Broussouloux brings us to explore the extraordinary places and sites, to meet those who make the wealth and lifestyle of the Occitanie region. 

Presented by : Émilie Broussouloux

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Sat 28/0914:30
Episode 21/22
In Catalan country We have an appointment with Émilie Broussouloux in the Pyrénées-Orientales, the very heart of the Catalan region. On the programme: caving, music, preparing a "cargolade", the local snail speciality, and we meet a "gardener of the mountains" who makes the unique "poivre de sapin" or spruce pepper. Presented by: Émilie Broussouloux.
Sat 05/1013:35, Fri 11/1000:31, Fri 11/1016:30
Episode 22/22
Best of At the wheel of her Kombi, Émilie Broussouloux invites us to join her as she travels the roads of Occitanie to explore the fabulous wealth of the region. Relive or discover the highlights of the series. On the menu: heritage, traditions, crafts, encounters, sport and a tasty treat or two. Presented by: Émilie Broussouloux.