A body is found at the peak of Martinique´s Mount Pelée. Captain Léna Valrose from the Paris forensics squad is sent. Even though she is of Martinican origin, Léna has never visited Martinique. She works with Paul Ventura, who has lived there for 20 years and knows the local customs.

Directed by: Philippe Niang (France, 2016)

Screenplay: Philippe Niang, Alain Agat, Franck Thiliez

Cast: Olivier Marchal (Paul Ventura), Sara Martins (Léna Valrose), France Zobda (Magaly Brédas), Philippe Lavil (Lacoste), Éric Delor (Théo), Luc Bernard (Claude Lefort), Gunther Germain (Boris Darcheville)

Genre: thriller

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