A writer seeking inspiration infiltrates the private lives of Lena Weber, a popular TV anchorwoman, and her daughter Maria Canalès, a top dancer, to write an unauthorised biography without their knowledge. Meanwhile, 20-year-old Bruno is still completely unaware that all of this concerns him too.

Directed by: Thierry Klifa (France/Belgium, 2010)

Cast: Catherine Deneuve (Lena Weber), Géraldine Pailhas (Maria Canalès), Nicolas Duvauchelle (Mathieu Roussel), Marisa Paredes (Judit Canalès), Marina Foïs (Maylis Tremazan), Jean-Marc Barr (Jean-Paul Tremazan), Jean-Baptiste Lafarge (Bruno Tremazan), Hélène Fillières (Mélodie Khan)

Awards: Swann d'or (Cabourg 2011), nominations (COLCOA Los Angeles 2011, Festival du Film Francophone in Vienna 2012)
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