Algeria, 1972. Two students get to know the socially committed poet and radio presenter Jean Sénac, after their play has been relegated in a festival. The reason is because their play is written in French. They embark on a fight for the liberty and culture of Algerian youth.

Directed by: Abdelkrim Bahloul (France/Algeria/Belgium, 2002)

Cast: Charles Berling (Jean), Mehdi Dehbi (Hamid), Ouassini Embarek (Belkacem), Abbes Zahmani (Othmane), Julia Maraval (Keltoum), Clotilde de Bayser (Nathalie), Lofti Abdelli (Zine), Alexis Loret (Belkacem)

Genre: drama

Awards: Zénith d´Or at the Montreal film festival (Canada, 2003); Sebastian award at the San Sebastian International film festival (Spain, 2003)
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