Marseille, 1934. After the funeral of his friend Capella, gang leader Roch Siffredi plans to avenge him. He quickly tracks down Capella's killer. The mobster Volpone, the murderer's brother with links to Italian fascists, then vows to destroy Roch and his empire.

Directed by: Jacques Deray (France/Italie/Germany, 1974)

Screenplay: Pascal Jardin

Cast: Alain Delon (Roch Siffredi), Riccardo Cucciolla (Volpone), Catherine Rouvel (Lola), Reinhard Kolldehoff (Sam), André Falcon (superintendant Cazenave), Lionel Vitrant (Fernand), Daniel Ivernel (superintendant Fanti), Marius Laurey (inspector Teissère), Serge Davri (Charlie), Jacques Debary (prefect)

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