Two friends. Ten Canadian cities. Forty food trucks. We discover the increasingly popular food truck phenomenon. Evelyne Charuest and Corey Loranger travel, taste and discover what makes this inventive and accessible street food so successful.
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Mon 08/0614:30, Fri 12/0600:36
Episode 1/13
Portland To open the programme's second season Corey and Evelyne head off to Portland on the trail of the original food trucks. Corey tastes Nong's khao man gai, a legendary Thai dish, and Evelyne learns to prepare a daikon salad with the owner of the Kim Jong Grillin food truck. Presented by: Evelyne Charuest, Corey Loranger.
Sun 14/0604:25, Mon 15/0614:29, Sat 20/0600:34
Episode 2/13
Seattle In Seattle, Evelyne and Corey get to taste a delicious poke bowl from the Sam Choy's Poke food truck. Evelyne gets to grips with Indonesian flavours whilst Corey meets up with the Happy Camper Cocktail truck, where he prepares his sort of aperitif in the company of the owner. Presented by: Evelyne Charuest, Corey Loranger.
Mon 22/0609:00, Mon 22/0614:30
Episode 3/13
Fraser Valley Today, the presenters taste the family recipe for bannock bread from the Bannock Wagon and enjoy a real treat with the fresh pasta prepared by the Hotties Food truck. As for Evelyne, she's busy cooking "bacon bombs" with the owner of the Guerilla Q BBQ. Presented by: Evelyne Charuest, Corey Loranger.



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