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12/01/201610:37 TV5MONDE

World tribute to David Bowie, the artistic chameleon
Tonight, on TV5MONDE Asie and TV5MONDE Pacific, there will be a special program to pay tribute to David Bowie. Acoustic, our program dedicated to music will be broadcasted. Check the schedules at the end of the article.

Around the world, reactions are unanimous. David Bowie, the British legendary Rock star, has died of cancer on Sunday January 10th 2016, at the age of 69. His last album was released only a few days ago. 
David Bowie was a complete artist who made a revolution in the world of Music. Not only a singer, he was also an extraordinary music composer and producer, a film actor and a fashion icon. 
For his 68th Birthday, Helen Green, a British illustrator has created an animated portrait of the 1000 faces of his. Today it has been shared an incredible number of times by worldwide fans. 



What did David Bowie do at your age? To pay homage, some internet users have shared a website that presents the important events through the artist’s life. Try it (in English)

A few hours after the public announcement of his death, fans have gathered in the neighborhood of Brixton, South London, where David Bowie was born. 
Many Rock experts have reacted to the news, starting with Yves Bigot, Managing Director of TV5MONDE. In an interview by Estelle Martin, Y.Bigot emphasizes on what has been brought by David Bowie himself on the artistic scene and how he influenced many Francophone musical artists today. 

Watch Acoustic, dedicated to David Bowie

On TV5MONDE ASIE: Tuesday January 12th at  10.30 PM (GMT+8)
On TV5MONDE PACIFIC: Tuesday January 12th at 9.15 PM (GMT+9)

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