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The Cinderella fairy tale in a wonderful neo-classical production by Malandain Ballet Biarritz is making a tour in Asia. You will realize that you still believe in the magic…

Cinderella is the new dancing ballet that you should hurry to watch. Choreographer Thierry Malandain has developed a beautiful stage performance that will bewitch the public from the very first second with a swish of magic wand!
Thierry Malandain is a successful choreographer who started his career as a classical ballet dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet, Rhine Opera Ballet and Nancy Ballet. He set up his first company in 1986 near Paris. He is undeniably very much attached to the classical ballet and yet succeeds in adding contemporary style into it. Cinderella presents the perfect harmony between the past and today’s modern lifestyle. 


© Miyuki Kanei et Raphaël Canet, CInderella
Created on a shoestring - During both acts, the scene remains the same, providing a simple, sumptuous and clever stage decoration with the black stilettos hanging on the three sides of the stage. Only a simple wheel as a carriage and nothing else than some lighting effects. And this is where Malandain’s artistic vision stands out, giving priority to the dancer’s performances. The choreography of 20 extremely graceful dancers shining of the stage, immerses the public straight in 1697 Charles Perrault’s fairy tale of Cinderella. 
Very faithful to Charles Perrault’s tale, Thierry Malandain marvelously manages to bring the modern lifestyle in the original Ballet. Costumes are made of dullish pastel colors (except for the step mother and 2 daughters Drizella & Anastasia who are mostly dressed in black color) and at the same time look very modern (especially the black suit, the grey outfit and the Prince’s sky blue costume). 


© Cendrillon, Olivier Houeix

The space on stage has been very carefully thought, showing all kind of geometrical figures - again from the old style ballet with the quartet (composed of Cinderella, her father, her mother and the Prince) and contemporary with the dazzling mise-en-scène of the clock, ringing the twelve strokes of midnight, or the fabulous idea of implementing mannequins mounted on wheels and wearing black ball dresses, or even the slow-motion dancing part… Again there, what an extraordinary show! 
Music is by the Ukrainian Serge Prokovief (1891 – 1953) who was one of the major composers of the 20th Century. He composed the music for the ballet only in his latter years, for a performance by the Ballerina Galina Ulanova in 1945. With the prominent use of the clarinet, the music sounds sincere expressing Cinderella’s dreams of happiness, sometimes jazzy, ironic and powerful. 
« What I above all wanted to express in the music for Cinderella is the poetic love of Cinderella and the Prince, the birth and flowering of that love, the obstacles thrown up in its path and, finally, the coming true of a dream. » Serge Prokofiev

© Claire Lonchampt et Miyuki Kanei, Cendrillon

Another very special touch from Malandain is the humoristic touch added to both sisters and the stepmother, the feminine characters of which are beautifully performed by 3 excellent men dancers. Slightly to the style of the British pantomimes - with finesse, the perfect balance creates an amusement without excess and without putting Love and Dream in the shade
In brief, watch this Ballet will bring you back memories and all the emotions of the fairy tale, adding some magic to your every-day life. Cinderella should be watch without moderation!
The show continues with Hong Kong and several cities in China (Wuhan, Xiamen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Chongqing) and Europe during Summer. 

Click here to go to the Malandain Ballet Biarritz website (English and French versions available)
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Watch this 24 minutes video hereunder, which is also available on the Malandain Ballet Biarritz website.


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