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Before you start watching the RBS 6 Nations Rugby Tournament on TV5MONDE Asia, read these 10 things that you absolutely have to know about! It will put you in the perfect rugby mood and you could learn some very useful French words about rugby! You will also find all the information on RBS Website


10 things you need to know about 2016 RBS 6 Nations Championship 
1 -  The Championship was initially launched as the Home Nations Championship in 1883 (with only England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales as participating countries)


Picture from Wikipedia: Wales team in 1895

2 -  Today’s 6 Nations are France, England, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales (France joined later in 1910 and Italy in 2000)

3 -  Each season takes place over 7 weekends starting from February 


4 -  Each team of 15 players plays every other team once, and the winner is the team who earns the most points.


5 -  Grand Slams do happen when a team wins the Championship by winning every other game within the competition. England holds the record for the number of Grand Slams but France also did it in 1997 and 1998. 


6 -  The Triple Crown is a parallel award that involves only the Home Nations (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales). The winner of the Triple Crown is the team who defeats all 3 other teams.

7 -  Since 2007, the Latin teams, which are France and Italy have also contested their own Trophy and the winner of these 2 teams receives the Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy. There are more intern competitions such as the Calcutta Cup (England vs. Scotland), the Millennium Trophy (England vs. Ireland) the Centenary Quaich (Ireland vs. Scotland)


8 -  In opposite, the last-placed team or the team who has lost all games (depending on the situation) is awarded with a figurative Wooden Spoon (Cuillère en bois)


9 -  2016 tournament will begin with Round 1: France vs. Italy on February 6th but also Ireland vs. Wales and Scotland vs. England


10 -  Last but not least: games will be broadcasted LIVE on TV5MONDE Asia, click here to view the schedules


The website features a list of French words about Rugby with their translation in English. On the Blog of You're Welcome, there is another list with French and English words plus the explanation in English. Here are some words we thought might be of use:
Le jeu : the game
L’arbitre : the referee
L’équipe : the team
L’entraîneur : the coach
Le joueur : the player
Les avants : forwards or flanker (8 in total)
Les arrières : backs (7 in total)
L’ailier (gauche et droit) : the winger left and right
L’arrière : the fullback
Le centre : the center
Les piliers : the prop
La mêlée : the scrum
Le coup de pied d’envoi : the kick off
Une passe en avant : a forward pass or knock-on
Un placage : a tackle
Une chandelle : an Up and Under
Un essai : a try
Une transformation : a conversion (after scoring a try, the team can win 2 further points by kicking the ball between the 2 posts above the crossbar)
Un poteau : a post
Un drop : a drop goal
Un Grand Chelem: a Grand Slam
Un hors-jeu : an offside
Un coup franc : a free kick
Les prolongations : extra time
Mi-temps : half-time
Une cuillère : an ankle-tap or tap-tackle (used when the player carrying the ball is running too fast and the defending player wraps his arms around his feet)
La cuillère en bois: the wooden spoon
Le raffut : the Hand-off or Fend-off (to repel the player using the arm or hand)

Don’t you have any friends that are looking forward to watch the 6 Nations games? Share the good news with them! Thanks for reading our article. See you soon on TV5MONDE Asia! 
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