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What is a successful party? It’s a party with a good decoration (see yesterday article); good food and also good entertainment! Having fun, laughing together, getting to know the others, there’s nothing better than playing games to make your New Year’s party perfect! 
We’ve picked 2 game ideas for you, for which you don’t need anything else than paper and a pen. You don’t even need your guests to know well each others, and in addition; games are perfect to break the ice! Feel free to change the rules and adapt the games to your liking.
Have fun!!!
I. Le jeu du saladier: the game of the salad bowl
Whay you need: some paper, pens, and a salad bowl (or a hat)

Every guest has 6 sheets of paper on which he writes down 6 celebrity’s name (real or fictive). Each guests fold the papers and throw them in the salad bowl. 
Make teams of 2, 3, 4 or more players. The game is played in 3 rounds:
Round 1: One player tries to make his team guess the highest number of names in 30 seconds. He is ONLY allowed to talk. 1 name = 1 point. After 30 seconds the turn is given to another team member’s. Once all the names have been discovered; place all the papers back in the salad bowl. 
Round 2: names are the same; but players are only allowed to say ONE WORD to make the others guess.
Round 3: names are the same, but players are NOT ALLOWED to speak. They have to mime to make other guess. 
The team with the highest number of points wins! 
This game is very funny and ensures you a good time!

II. Le jeu de l’Arche de Noé: The game of Noah's Ark
What you need: some papers, pens, 2 hats or containers

The game manager writes down animal names on some papers. Animals should be divided in couples with the female name on one paper and the male’s name on another.

For example: hen / rooster ; bull / cow ; tomcat / queen ; buck / doe ; dog / bitch ; jack / jenny ; gander / goose ; leopard / leopardess ; lion / lioness ; peacock / peahen ; boar / sow ; tiger / tigress ; tortle male / female ; jack / jill ; drone / queen ; whale bull / whale cow ; spider male / spider female and so on…
find exact animal names here
Then the papers with the males names are placed in a hat; females names in another. Guys pick one males paper, ladies one females paper. 
The manager then explains that after his signal, every one would have to make the noise of his animal in order to find his or her partner… You can expect a real cacophony and a lot of  laughs!
Another version that is less noisy is to mime the animals. 
This game is excellent to create a relaxing atmosphere when people don’t know each other very well. You can also decide that the last couple to find their partner will have to pay a forfeit (to mime the whole list of animals; to dance a Rock in front of everybody…)
You can check more games on this website (in French)

We wish you lots of fun for your New Year's party!

What do you think about these games? What are your favourite games to play? Share with us using our Facebook page and Twitter page! 
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