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7 candidates whose career is related to farming are sharing their version of the Swiss gastronomy. More than that, they invite us to intrude into their life.


Every Sunday in each episode, one candidate invites 6 others to make them discover a culinary specialty.
The host candidate has to prepare a typical dish from his/her region. 


The interesting fact with this program created by RTS is that the whole country is involved. It’s a real opportunity to identify the differences in culture, lifestyle and gastronomy for each region. 4 languages are spoken in Switzerland (French, German, Italian and Romansh). This explains the title “Cuisine de chez nous, Eusi Landchichi and Cucina nostrana”, which means “Cooking from our home” in French, Romansch and in Italian Switzerland (different than the Italian spoken in Italy). 
We can’t wait to watch the episodes to discover this beautiful country!

Who will be Switzerland’s next top cordon-bleu chef? 


While waiting, let’s introduce the candidates:
Candidate 1: Salvatore Caci
From Grosshöchstetten, Berne Canton. He lives in a newly renovated mill, is an artistic welder married to a ceramist wife. The combination of these two artistic professions will undoubtedly lead to a magical dish! 
Goat cheese and zucchini flowers profiteroles, smoked trout and Bernoise brioche with Alla Caci butter, leg of lamb served with potatoes and carrots.
Blueberry cream meringue

Candidate 2: Gaudentia Persoz
From Couvet, Saint-Gall Canton. She has been the first distiller woman in Switzerland since the Absinthe was legalized.
Tomatoes and mozzarella Tatin style tart, buffalo tournedos with Neuchâtel Pinot noir, mash of Haut-Vallon potatoes, vegetables in neuchâteloise colors.
Absinth crème brûlée
Candidate 3: Marilen Muff
From Meilen, near Zurich. She is a winegrower and her vineyard includes 12 different grape varieties. 
Räuschling soup and sage knuckle with beer, pike quenelles in saffron sauce, green Flaach asparagus, braised veal cheek
Verjuice sorbet and mousse.

Candidate 4: Adrian Feitknecht
From Cantone, Magadino. He is the youngest of the competition (he was born in 1988). He works with his parents where he is in charge of the farming of cows and pigs. 
Eggplants salad with fromage frais, Felice pork loin, and merlot risotto served with steamed tomatoes
Semifreddo with nuts, Ramello honey and Ticino cheese.


Candidate 5: Edith Albin
From the heart of the Grisons regions, in Val Lumnezia. Edith and her husband both manage an organic farm where they offer educational services. 
Wild salad with aromatic herbs fromage frais, stuffed cabri leg served with rhubarb and apple compote, séré knödel
Nut parfait, blackcurrant and strawberry sorbet with orange and sea buckthorn coulis.


Candidate 6: Frederic Blum
From Rougemont, Enhaut. He used to be a woodcutter before he started working as a forest ranger. He lives with his wife and 3 young kids. His farm contains around 40 stags. 
Crusty and melted fleurette with wild sprouts, honey vinaigrette. Young stag with “pine tree” sauce. “Verdode” with black butter and Etivaz gratin. 
Alexandra’s soft caramels ice cream, Bricelet waffle with double Tutu cream and red wine Conference pear.


Candidate 7: Markus Messmer 
From Bissegg, Thurgovie. He is a sculptor and organic farmer who lives in an astonishing place. 
Spring salad with “bouilli”, horseradish mousse with its stock. Pork rack, polenta sticks and spring vegetables. 
Ricotta-strawberries Thurgovienne tourt served with strawberry ice cream.
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To watch the episodes, check the schedule here (every Sunday)


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