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What is the French Miracle Tour?

Let’s start with Rennes. Do you know this city? This city is located in Brittany and is well known as one of France most important students city. The atmosphere there is very young and dynamic, with many cultural events happening all year long. The city also welcomes more and more international students. Overall it's a paradise for students! Don't hesitate to drop by if you have the chance...


One of the most famous festivals that take place in Rennes is the Transmusicales, which is a music festival that happens every year in December. This musical festival is not only limited to artists from Rennes or France, but also from other countries. While the festival invites worldwide famous artists, it also gathers fresh young talents from Rennes and around, who are then ready to be spotted by professionals!

And that’s how the French Miracle Tour was born! A project signed by Ismaël Lefeuvre, an expert in spotting new artists, who wanted to export Rennes’ talents abroad.

The French Miracle Tour will take place in 6 countries in Asia and hold 32 shows in total. Get ready in Beijing, Jinan, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, HongKong, Shenzhen, Jakarta, Chengdu and Singapore! 

Here is a brief introduction to the 4 groups that are touring in Asia this year, click on the links to discover more about them and hear the music.

For those who are not able to go and see them in live, be patient and wait for the film to be out! A 52 minutes documentary will be produced to share this magnificent adventure! We can’t wait neither, so stay tuned! 

Ousseynou Cissé, 22 years old, was born in Dakar and lived in Saint-Malo then in Rennes. The Juveniles spotted him in 2012. His music is described as future R’n’B with hip-hop influences that melts well with the pop/electro music. He already took part in the Transmusicales.


The quartet is already famous in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. Pop music.



This duo took part in the Transmusicales in Rennes in 2011. They already toured in China.


He began his solo career in 2007. He worked as a producer with Birdy Nam Nam’s second album. Electronic music.



Here is the exact timetable for you: 
The French Miracle Tour, in 6 countries in Asia, 32 shows and a team of 18 peeps:

  •   BEIJING April 28th The Other Place bar / Meeting with Chinese artists
  •   BEIJING April 29th Pilote Studio / Recording studio / Juveniles & Nova Heart
  •   BEIJING April 30th SOTX / Yu Gong Yi Shan / Juveniles-Clarens
  •   JINAN May 1st  Banjo Bar / Juveniles-Clarens- Manceau
  •   SHANGHAI May 2nd Strawberry Festival & Festival Croisements / Yuksek – Juveniles – Clarens
  •   SHANGHAI May 3rd Strawberry Festival & Festival Croisements / Manceau
  •   SEOUL May 4th CakeShop / Yuksek – Juveniles – Clarens – Manceau
  •   TAIPEI May 7,8th The Wall Music / Juveniles – Manceau – Clarens
  •   HONG KONG May 9th French May / Juveniles-Clarens-Manceau
  •   SHENZHEN May 10th Club B10 / Juveniles – Manceau – Clarens
  •   JAKARTA May 14, 15th
  •   CHENGDU May 16th Festival Croisements / Manceau
  •   CHENGDU May 17th Festival Croisements / Juveniles-Clarens-Manceau
  •   SINGAPORE May 20,21,22th Music Matters / Manceau

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