Movie  The South Asian Transgressive Film Festival in Paris
03/02/201500:00 TV5MONDE
A French association, the SAPNA has decided to promote the South Asian Cinema in France. A Film Festival specially dedicated to Cinema from the Indian subcontinent: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal, is about to start soon, and for a whole week…

The South Asian Transgressive Film Festival (FFAST) has been launched in 2013, in order to promote the Cinema from the Indian subcontinent Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. TV5MONDE ASIA PACIFIC is happy to be partner with this event. 

The founder of the Festival is called Jean-François Thermoz and is also the founder of the SAPNA association: the South Asia Paris New Art Association. The whole team of the festival, including himself, are Cinema professionals and also passionate about India and Indian cinema.

The Festival aims at promoting South Asian films that are different from the usual Bollywood type movies yet promoted on French movies screens.
This year is the third edition and will take place at the cinema Arlequin and Reflet Médicis in Paris, from February 3rd to 10th.
Prior to the beginning of the Festival, a colloquium will be held on 26th and 27th January in Paris with Amrit Gangar as a President. Amrit Gangar is the founder of the theorical concepts of “Cinema Prayoga”. The main topic of this meeting will be:

“How to define and create a transgressive movie scene in South Asia?”

The music group Safar will be present and will perform a Bollywood song “à la Française”, which sounds very interesting. 
The names of the Jury members will then be announced at the end of these 2 days, so keep updated...

On February 3rd, there will be an opening ceremony with the screening of the movie "That Girl in Yellow Boots", directed by Anurag Kashyap. He will be present and able to answer the audience’s questions. 

Watch the trailer here:


Here after are the 6 Indian movies that are in competition this year: 

Capital I, by Amartya Bhattacharyya

Goli Soda, by Vijay Milton

Lucia, by Pawan Kumar (present at the Festival)

Teenkahon, by Bauddhayan Mukherji (present at the Festival)

Titli, by Kanu Belh (present at the Festival)

Zinda Bhaag (Run for your Life), by Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi (present at the Festival)

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