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23/02/201506:07 Judith Prescott

As 2015 gets underway, it’s never too late to look back at the best of French cinema in 2014. Here is French Cinema Review’s 2014 Top 10 French films. It’s a list of my personal favourites. Feel free to create a list of those French films you most enjoyed in 2014.

#1 Les Heritiers, Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar – “Mention-Schaar has pulled off a delicate balancing act between the emotions stirred by the atrocities of the Holocaust and those of the students living in a world full of confusing religious and cultural constraints.” (

Deux Jours, Une Nuit, Dardenne Brothers – “This is social commentary more in line with Britain’s Ken Loach than the Belgian brothers, but it is handled by them with great elegance and sensitivity.” ( Following her Oscar win in 2008 for La Mome, Marion Cotillard is again in the running for a coveted Oscar statue at the Academy Awards ceremony on 22 February in Los Angeles.

#3 Diplomatie, Volker Schlondorff – “André Dussollier and Niels Arustrup engage in a captivating battle of words in German director Volker Schlondorff’s adaptation of the 2011 hit play Diplomatie by French playwright Cyril Gely”(


#4 Lulu Femme Nue, Solveig Anspach – “A heart-warming drama which celebrates female resilience and compassion. It is a French take on the classic American feel good movie raised to another level by the beautiful performance of Karin Viard in the lead role.” (

#5 Geronimo, Tony Gatlif – “The director uses an hypnotic mix of dance and music, professional and non-professional actors, set against the heat of a Mediterranean summer, to bring this reworking of West Side Story to the big screen.” (

#6 Elle l’adore, Jeanne Herry – ” A witty script, a storyline that keeps the audience guessing until the credits roll and a cast of well-developed secondary characters, made Elle l’Adore the deserved winner of the Michel d’Ornano prize at this year’s Deauville film festival.” (


#7 Bande de Filles, Celine Sciamma – ” Sciamma brings an authenticity to her film by avoiding cliché and caricature and searching beyond the headlines of drugs, violence and crime to portray the struggle for identity and purpose in a hostile, male-dominated world. Although there are some lighter moments, the overall message is bleak and Bande de Filles is one of the most heartbreaking French films to hit the big screen this year.” (

#8 On a Failli Etre Amies, Anne Le Ny – “It’s a funny, insightful and laid back look at the nature of female relationships – a subject often ignored by French filmmakers.” (

#9 Le Dernier Diamant, Eric Barbier – ” a tense and well-constructed thriller with enough twists and turns to keep audiences guessing until the final credits… But, as you expect from the French, it comes complete with a lot more violence and sex.” (

Une Heure de Tranquillite, Patrice Leconte – “It’s hard to imagine this blatant crowd pleaser not striking a chord with audiences and squeezing another hit under Clavier’s belt. Its punchy, snappy dialogue is coupled with Leconte’s masterly touch at reigning in the chaos before it spins out of control.” (

I have worked as a journalist for 24 years both in London, England and now in Paris, France. I was a broadcast journalist for the English service of Radio France Internationale in Paris for 17 years before leaving to set up a blog for French cinema fans everywhere. I also worked as a reviewer of French films for The Hollywood Reporter and was a jury member for the Prix Michel d'Ornano at the Festival of American Films at Deauville. I am passionate about French films, both old and new, and want to share this passion with filmgoers around the globe.

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