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27/10/201506:00 TV5MONDE

In France, September - October is the right time for grape harvest. This is commonly called in French: the Vendanges. At this time of the year, people of all ages join in a common activity and work together to harvest the grapes. Everyone works from morning till afternoon to pick up the grapes. Eventually when the day is over, they all gather at the farm for some aperitifs and a joyful meal. After the latter, people can relax... 


It’s a very physical activity and it can be quite tiring for the beginners, especially for the back. But overall this experience is a very positive one and leaves excellent memories to the participants. No-need to say that people are happy to bring back home some bottles of wine from the vineyard! Then you can say: “Hey, I’ve worked in this vineyard!”


In 2015, the summer started with really hot temperatures. This is a reason why grape harvests started a few days earlier this year. Unfortunately, this would have an effect on the quantity of production (-1% compared to 2014 for the whole French territory). However, the effect on the wine quality will be…. positive!


Regions for which the wine production has decreased are: Burgundy, Beaujolais, Champagne, Charente, Alsace, in opposition to the Ardèche and Languedoc-Roussillon regions where the production shows better figures than last year! Again, we are not talking about quality but quantity!

Overall, better to have too much sun than too much rain during summer. And years with an ending in -5 seem to always show good vintages… 2015 shouldn’t be an exception! 


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