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The concept of the Picnic à la Française started 27 years ago already! It now gathers nearly 15,000 people every year in Paris! 
As you can notice, the "Dîner en blanc" is a gathering where people are all dressed in white… 
Every country has its own rules and organization. However in France, where the concept takes its origins from, participants are selected only on an invitation basis. It means that you can only take part if someone who already took part the previous year invites you.  Registration is for 2 people only, it doesn’t have to be your husband or wife, it can be your best friend, guy or girl, family member, couple, or even your first date! Why not?!


The concept is to enjoy a “chic picnic” in a public and elegant place! “Le Dîner en Blanc recalls the elegance and glamour of court society” says his funder, François Pasquier
After Paris, the second largest event is held in Montreal, Canada, with a gathering of 5,200 guests… 

What are the rules?
One must bring a table and 2 foldable (white) chairs plus a (white) tablecloth. And one must also be dressed elegantly in WHITE ONLY! In case it might rain, a white poncho would certainly be much of use!
People must bring their own china items and cutleries (not the plastic one…), in a picnic basket, and their own food! Cherry tomatoes, a nice cheese plate, foie-gras, baguettes and bread selection for sure! 

© Instagram @bellehelenenl

Regarding the drinks, wine and/or Champagne are accepted, beer isn't, same for the strong spirits. 
Last but not least, every one has to bring enough trash bags to clean up after and to leave the place totally clean! 

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Once everyone has arrived, a table leader assigns the guests with a precise seating arrangement. In Paris, men are usually seated on one side and women on the other, all enjoying a high-quality meal. People all seat down at the same time and start eating at the same time! They also wave with their napkins as to sign the beginning of the meal! 

After dinner comes the time for lightning the sparklers and people can enjoy a bit of dancing once all the guests have finished their meal. 

(Too) Soon after, guests all clean up in order to leave the space as clean as it was before, as if nothing has happened! Everyone leaves at the same time bringing back home these unforgettable memories…. 

© intagram @mariemartensparis

Where does it take place?
That’s the funny part! It’s a secret location and you are only noticed of the location at the very last minute!!!
On June 11th, the 27th edition took place in the beautiful gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris. 


© instagram @cestmarobe

In Paris, it already took place in several locations such as le Pont des Arts; Eiffel Tower site; Château de Versailles; Place de la Concorde; Place Vendôme…

Now, several dinners in white are organized each year in 20 countries and 50 cities including New-York, Bombay, Hong Kong, Shanghai… Check if there is one in your country, and learn more on the official website of Dîner en Blanc

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