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Sushi gods have have been particularly gracious to the Parisians recently. We have 3 Michelin star chef from Tokyo Toru Okuda, who last autumn opened a kaiseki restaurant near Champs Elysees (the omakase meal also includes a sushi course), we have Jin, high end sushi shop run by a young chef from Sapporo Takuya Watanabe, and just one and a half month ago, Ginza Onodera (18 Rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris,tel. +33 1 40 20 09 30 ), another quality sushi-ya has been opened in Paris.
Freshly grated wasabi
Originally from Ginza in Tokyo (the chain has its branches in Hawaii and Hong Kong), Ginza Onodera in Paris is a clone of a traditional, “Edo mae” style sushi shop from Tokyo. The sushi making show is happening behind a counter, drinks are served by kimono-clad waitresses. 200 euros per head omakase starts with otsumami, small snacks and sashimi, usually served before nigiris. Those included egg custard with scallops; bonito,mackerel and dog cockle clams sashimi; tofu with ikura; cold fried fish; spinach and mushrooms,marinated in ponzu sauce.
The fish is sourced from France with an exception of the tuna,which is imported from Spain. Finding sushi quality fish, just like the one that can be bought at the Tsukiji market, must have been a challenge, however, the task to find the best fish available was well accomplished. Wild trout and “smooth” clam ( “Vernis”) toppings were especially worth praising. Last,but not least, the rice was really well balanced. Good rice is a sushi chef’s  business card and one could see that the sushi chef at Ginza Onodera Paris is world class.
If you want to experience the traditional sushi experience like in Tokyo, but not planning to go there, Ginza Onodera is the place.
Egg custard with scallops

Bonito sashimi

Boiled octopus later sliced into sashimi
Tofu with salmon roe

Wild trout

Sea bass

“Smooth” ( “Vernis”) clam

A5 grade Waguy beef from Gunma prefecture  in Japan

The leanest part of tuna

Medium fatty tuna
Fatty tuna

Otoro,chutoro and akami roll ( fatty, medium fatty and lean tuna)

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