Gastronomy  A luxurious candy for Christmas
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Christmas time is the best season for chestnuts. They are either served with the main dish - such as with turkey for example, and also as a sweet delicacy. Of course many countries in the world offer them roasted and sell them on the streets or Christmas markets, in France, in China...

There is, however, one way to prepare chestnuts that is less famous in Asia nor in Pacific and that is typical European: the candied chestnut or glazed chestnut - in French: le marron glacé. [maʁɔ̃ glase]

These are so delicate that they are usually evocative of luxurious gift and wrapped in an elegant box. The candied chestnut is a fine and exquisite candy, the exact origin of which remains uncertain.
What is assertive is that the first French factory of glazed chestnuts was build by the engineer Clément Faugier in 1882, in the region of 
Ardèche (south-central department of the Rhône-Alpes region). Clément Faugier is also known for his Crème de Marron, a velvety purée made from broken marron glacés… (try on crêpes).

To know more about the culture of the chestnuts, click
The Mont-Blanc is a famous dessert with a chestnut cream base. Check out this website Chataigne_ardè to take a look at the recipes.

Find a full description about the different ways of cooking chestnuts here on
 Ricardocuisine website and a recipe for candied chestnut here.

"Chaud les marrons!"

Last but not least, French people love to use food in their vocabulary. The expression “C’est chaud les marrons!” literally means, “It is hot the chestnuts” and is equivalent to: “Watch out!” .


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