Gastronomy  Blanc mange with poached peaches and nectarines with tarragon
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This recipe comes from one of our favorite cooking program: Épicerie Fine.
You can watch the episode about the Peaches and Nectarines on: [this website] (26 minutes, episode from 
2014 August 9th.

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This is a perfect dessert if you like fruits. The fruits bring a subtle freshness while the Blanc mange makes it a delicate and gourmet dessert, which will please everyone!


Poached Peaches and Nectarines with Tarragon, and Almond milk Blanc manger

Keep in mind that this recipe does require some time. Prepare in advance. For 4 people

Syrup for poaching in the peaches:
1 white peach
1 yellow nectarine
1L water
140g sugar
1 bunch of tarragon (save some for decoration)
Almond Blanc-manger:
1/2L whole milk
150g fresh almonds
200g almond milk
18g gelatin
450g Crème fleurette (whipping cream)



Syrup and poaching:
_In a saucepan, bring to boil the water, the sugar and the tarragon. Dip in the peaches and nectarines.
_Simmer the peaches and nectarines in the syrup for 5 minutes, until you are able to stick the fruits and only feel a light resistance. Keep the preparation at a cool temperature.

Almond Blanc manger
_Cut the almonds in small pieces. Make them infuse in the hot milk, cover with kitchen film, and leave aside for a few hours.
_Leave the gelatin to sink in some cold water for a while, until soften.
_Mix the whole milk and almonds preparation by slightly adding the almond milk.
_Heat up this mixture.
_Squeeze the soften gelatin in order to remove the excess water, and add it to the milk. Leave to cool down.
_When this preparation is cold, carefully whisk the crème fleurette and add it in.

_Pour the blanc manger into some nice glasses that you will place slightly on the side (in a bowl for example). _Leave again to rest at a cool temperature.
_When it’s firm, just before serving, add 1/4th of peach, 1/4th of nectarine at the bottom of the glass, garnish with a fresh tarragon leave. Serve straight away.

It’s ready, enjoy!


You can also use the syrup to make a caramel sauce or a drink by adding some water to it.
Guy Martin’s Tip: While enjoying, start with the peach, as the texture is softer than the nectarine. Secondly taste the nectarine, which is richer and more unctuous. Then, the blanc manger… ☺  

Add lemon if you find the fruits too sweet.

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