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La Crêperie de Caroline is a French restaurant that opened in 2013 in Bangsar, in the capital city of Malaysia.
Let’s learn more about the owner Caroline; explore the hottest crêpes and galettes from her menu; and discover the next French event you could join in! 

About this French lady:

Caroline comes from Saint-Omer in North France and has been living in Asia for a few years now.
She was taught the art of making Crêpes in a city called Pont-L’abbé, in Brittany (the region in France where crêpes and galettes originate from). Caroline is now offering the opportunity to people in KL to enjoy this French delight, which is so famous in France...

Breton Decoration for the inside of the restaurant:

On the menu:
Caroline has created such a menu that it makes everyone happy! She sure knows how to adapt to local preferences and palates with her range of “Spicy specialities”! A few galettes are served with chili and other local spices! What a good idea!!! 

The Galette Forestière: with emmental cheese, egg, minced chicken, mushrooms and salad

Other than crêpes, Caroline’s menu offers a wide selection of other French food: salads; burgers; different choices of pasta; from marinières to – and here comes another creation - curry mussels; croque-Monsieur or croque-Madame… there is something Frenchy for everyone!

For the seafood lovers, mussels with French fries: 

Here is the croque-baltique with salmon:

You might be tempted by the FRENCHEESE BURGER with several layers of different types of French cheese?

If you have more of a French sweet tooth, then Caroline’s Crêperie is your eighth wonders kitchen! The pictures will talk from themselves:

What do you think about this fruity creamy delight?

And the irresistible crêpe with Nutella?

And here is Caroline’s favourite: the crêpe with homemade salted butter caramel….

You might prefer Belgian waffles?

This one for the classic chocolate addicts:

And this one for the colors and fruits addicts: 

This picture makes a good summary of the food served there: YUMYUMYUM!

If you are wondering where do the products come from, well 90% of the ingredients are imported, including the flour, cheese, butter, cider, etc.… 

And for drinks:
La Crêperie de Caroline doesn’t stop to French food. There are also cocktails that have been created and named by the owner herself! Here you can order:
  • “the Frenchy”
  • “the St Tropez”
  • “the Ohlalala”??? 

From time to time, a French baker comes to the Crêperie with some French pastries: éclairs, lemon pies, pains au chocolat, croissants, baguettes, etc.… 

Here is a wonderful mille-feuilles:

Among many other delights:

Caroline and her staff of 9 are all wearing the French marinière, which is one of the typical outfit worn in Brittany.
They look so cute, don’t they? 

In addition, Caroline makes extra efforts to help charity organizations. Every month, the tradition is to invite people in needs (e.g. kids and teenagers who are in orphanages or in difficulty) and serve them a French meal, play games and to make them discover the way crêpes and galettes are prepared… 

Caroline at her crêperie with young kids from an orphanage:

Last but not least, quizzes and celebrations are also organized by la Crêperie de Caroline. For Christmas, New Year, Valentines… Caroline always finds a way to make her dishes so special!

Here are some examples of Caroline’s creations: 

For the MH370 tragedy:

For Valentines Day:

For Nutella Day:

☺☺☺  La Crêperie de Caroline is the perfect place to enjoy a good service, perfect French food in a friendly atmosphere. Caroline is there everyday and you can’t miss her. She is the pretty blonde-hair-blue-eyed girl who is having a happy friendly chat with the customers! ☺☺☺

✐ A festive Quiz night with prizes is planned for the event of La Francophonie on March 18th! Join in if you can! And keep yourself updated through her La Crêperie de Caroline Facebook Page

Address: 33, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Price Range: $$

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