Gastronomy  Hexagone by Mathieu Pacaud in Paris
28/01/201514:23 Luxeat

Rarely does a new opening thrill me as much as did Hexagone today, new restaurant by 33 year old Mathieu Pacaud, whose father is the legendary chef of 3 Michelin starred L’Ambroisie. Located in a vast, atypical space for a Parisian restaurant in the 16th arrondissement, Hexagon serves delicious modern French cuisine, highly influenced by L’Ambroisie school, but much lighter, minimal and cheaper. (Those,who have been to L’Ambroisie, know what I am talking about..) One of the starters, blanc-manger with celery cappuccino and black truffles shreddings, was particularly stunning visually and taste wise. Only one month since the opening, Hexagone is already a power player in the making.

Hexagone: 85 avenue Kleber, 75016, Paris; tel. +33142259885

Flammkuchen with sour cream and salmon

Various root vegetables with Japanese garlic sauce

Crawfish with green mango,cauliflower mousseline and staranise jelly 

Blanc-manger with celery cappuccino and truffles

Scallops with parsnip cream, toasted bread emulsion and caviar 

Strawberry sabayon, white cheese sorbet, mint leaves 

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