Gastronomy  Alain Ducasse at Le Meurice in Paris
29/10/201412:20 Luxeat

Last time I’ve been to Alain Ducasse in Paris, I found the cooking slightly outdated and the place quite touristy (with little Eiffel tower copies on each table). 5 years forward, it was as if I was at a totally different restaurant. The biggest change is not that because of the renovation works at Plaza Athénée, Alain Ducasse Paris has moved to Le Meurice, another 5 star “palace” hotel on the Right Bank. The cooking itself has been morphed from classic and heavy to light Mediterranean, where vegetables and fruit are the main focus. The executive chef Christophe Saintagne is clearly bringing the whole dining experience closer to the Provençal high end cooking you can find at Alain Ducasse in Monaco…

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Exceptional roasted artichokes with black truffle


“Fruit and vegetables” with celery, carrot and vinegar juice. Also memorable and very good..


Scallops with olives and citrus fruit


Chocolate extravaganza (made of chocolate from Alain Ducasse chocolate factory in Paris)


More chocolate from Alain Ducasse chocolate factory

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