Gastronomy  Luxeat in France: Flocons de Sel
19/07/201604:00 Luxeat

One of the most memorable meals this year so far was at Flocons de Sel (3*) in Megève.  Light, modern, poetic mountain cooking by chef Emmanuel Renaut.

Flocons de Sel: 1775 Route du Leutaz, 74120 Megève, France

The dining room

Smoked mountain milk beignet

Root tartelette

Hazelnut and mushrooms biscuit

Caviar and raw langoustine with citrus fruit zest, gentian root and parsley

Parsnip and beetroot moelleux, vegetables consommé with horseradish and old Beaufort
Jerusalem artichokes with clove butter and truffles
Fish from Léman lake with tarragon sauce

Pike “biscuit” , grilled onion jus

“Chef’s table” in the kitchen.

Cottage cheese with liquorice in chicory coffee shell, fruit, vegetable and herbs salad

Cottage cheese with liquorice in chicory coffee shell

Warm smoked chocolate tart

Cheese trolley


Mountain wood ice cream

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