Gastronomy  Priest's hat or small nose?
03/03/201616:26 TV5MONDE

Beside the Belgian chocolate, there are other kinds of Belgian specialties. Among which, the cuberdons! What are these small purple candies in a cone shape?

Indeed they look very exotic if you have not been living in Belgium, but for the local people these candies are just ordinary.

What are they made of? They are made of Arabic gum and gelatin, slightly firm on the outside, but deliciously soft inside, very sweet. The inside is filled with sweet fruit syrup. They exist in different flavors such as raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, apple, liquorice …

Priest’s hat or little nose?
The cuberdon has first appeared in the 19th Century. According to most people, it was created by a member of the clergy who lived in Flanders and followed the shape of the priest’s hats.
However, according to another legend, cuberdons are called “neuzeke”, which means “little nose”… Cute, isn’t it?

Have you tried them? What do you think? Will they be on your list for your next trip to Belgium?


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