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25/01/201605:00 TV5MONDE
The new App Immersion France offers both linguistic and touristic immersion programs at once. In these first days of 2016, this App is also a welcome message to the foreign visitors who are looking for a (re) immersion in France. 


This new App has been launched by the French Ministry of Foreign affairs cooperatively with Campus France (the French National Agency for the promotion of higher education, international student services and international mobility). 
Immersion France is a great tool that promotes linguistics exchanges in France for a large public going from
  • the individual tourists to families or students
  • all the different levels in French
  • for all ages
  • all nationalities! 


How does it work? 

After downloading the App, select your criteria with the personal assistant. The large choice of criteria (i.e. purpose of travel; preferred region in France and time available; age range; cultural and professional activities; type of accommodation wanted; level in French...) ensures a customized selection of results. 
Another useful feature is the possibility to browse through the photos and videos of the different regions. Additional information about the regions and particular lifestyles are also available thanks to a partnership with Atout France and TV5MONDE
Add the programs you like in the favourites and compare all of them. All the information needed is shown, including the contact details of the institution and the prices. 
Immersion France is free and available on smartphones and tablets, on Apple and soon on Android, in French and English. 

Immersion France helps you find the perfect stay with programs aiming at learning French language and exploring France. It promotes the best linguistic programs opportunities in France as well as a great panorama of the touristic regions in France in order to satisfy the most challenging requests. 


Every year, more than 130,000 foreign students and professionals decide to come to study French in France. These Francophiles are hosted in all kind of structures from the small rental rooms to big universities.
The linguistic tourism industry has been showing great potential in France, with 125 billion people studying French language in the world; 1 billion of which are members of the French cultural network abroad (Alliances Françaises and French Institutes). 
More info on Campus France website. You might have some friends interested, share the information with them!


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