Gastronomy  This is how the best sushi in the world looks like... in Tokyo
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What makes a good sushi restaurant great? Excellent fish and seafood? Chef’s experience, skills and obsession with consistency? Takashi Saito seems to correspond all these criteria, but it’s much more than that. Saito-san hits the perfect gustative balance in each morsel he produces, taste and texture wise. Joel Robuchon called Sushi Saito “the best sushi restaurant in the world”, Michelin gave it 3 stars and users voted it the best in Tokyo. What else?…  This year Sushi Saito has moved to a new location in Roppongi Ark Hills, but the counter restaurant is still pocket size and still very hard to book. I’ve blogged about Sushi Saito 3 years ago, so this time I am posting pictures only. 

Sushi Saito : 1F, Nihon Jitensha Kaikan, 1-9-15 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo; tel. 03-3589-4412  (Access Map) 

Tai ( Red snapper)
Buri ( Japanese amberjack)
Kohada ( Gizzard shad)
Akami ( Leaner part of a tuna)

Chutoro ( Medium fatty tuna)
Otoro ( Fatty tuna)

Ika ( Squid)

Kuruma ebi ( Imperial prawn)

Shiro- ebi (Sweet baby shrimp)

Aji ( Japanese horse mackerel)

Katsuo ( Bonito)

Ikura ( Salmon roe)

Awabi ( Abalone)

Uni ( Sea urchin from Hokkaido and Nagasaki)

Tamago ( Omelette)
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