Events  10 things you should know about the Francophonie
20/03/201500:00 TV5MONDE

  1. The International Francophonie Day is celebrated everywhere in the world every year on March 20th since 1988
  2. The International Organization of “La Francophonie” (OIF) includes 77 member countries
  3. TV5MONDE is one of the main actors in the OIF
  4. In order to be a member of the OIF, it is not mandatory for the French language to be mainly spoken but it should be used in an appropriate proportion
  5. There are 274 millions Francophones or French speakers worldwide
  6. The objective of the OIF is not only to promote the French language, but also to promote democracy; Human Rights; cultural dialogue; education; a friendly environment, etc
  7. On that special day, the Francophonie is celebrated through all kinds of games and activities involving French language competitions, movies, gastronomy events, artistic exhibitions, debates, …
  8. Michaëlle Jean is now the secretary general of the OIF. She was born in Haïti, raised in Canada and is fluent in 5 languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish, Creole, and can read Portuguese).
  9. This year, the focus is placed on the theme of the planet and environment, as the “Paris Climat 2015” conference is held in France
  10. A special program will take place on Live at the “Hotel de Ville” in Paris with TV5MONDE: stay tuned!



On TV5MONDE only: 

For this occasion, TV5MONDE has planned everything for you to celebrate this event with us! So don’t miss the special programs that will start from March 14th on your favourite channel:
  • Dites-le franco(phone): a special program recorded in Paris Hôtel de Ville, with Anne Hidalgo (Paris Mayor),  Michaëlle Jean (secretary general of the OIF) et Annie Girardin (secretary of state for the francophony).

  • Destination Francophonie

  • De Moncton à Kinshasa

  • Acoustic (with Adrien Gallo)

  • Questions pour un champion : Special Francophonie Day


  • Les acadiens du Québec

  • La cérémonie des Jutras
  • Internationales with Michaëlle Jean
  • Goût de France / Good France (with many chefs in Asia and Pacific taking part in the “Dîner à la Francaise”. You can watch the TV5MONDE short programmes until March 19th


More events organized in the Asia Pacific region:
  • In Japan for example, the French Institute holds the Digital Choc Festival. This festival presents to Japanese people some digital artistic creations made by both French and Japanese cooperations. 

  • In New Zealand, the Alliance Francaise in Wellington will organize an evening playing a French movie (Les femmes du sixième étage), offering a glass of wine and a piece of cheese (Ouhlala)
  • A photo/selfie contest is organize here 
  • To check the events organized in your country, check the Francophonie website.

In order to share your love for the French language, don’t hesitate to take part in the events. You might want to check with your local Alliance Francaise to discover what is being organized nearby you! The more we are, the merrier!

To learn more about the OIF, check the Francophonie official website
So what are you planning to do? Let us know and leave us your comments! Merci!
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