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Paris Combo was officially formed in 1995 when the trio of Belle Du Berry (Lead vocalist singer), François-François (Singer, percussionist/ drummer) and Potzi (Mediterranean guitarist) who'd all been performing together; were joined by David Lewis (Australian trumpeter, pianist) and Emmanuel Chabbey (Bass).
With a unique combination of different background in the formation, they combine several styles of music like cabaret, gypsy, and swing jazz and inject them sparingly with Latin rhythms, Spanish guitar and also Asian and Mid-Eastern motifs.


First-quote.jpg What is the story behind the name Paris Combosecondquote.jpg
“The group was originally called La Belle Equipe. We were playing in a club in Paris where we bumped into another group with the same exact name! ...Leading us with no choice but to change our band name. That’s when we came up with the name Paris Combo.“ - Belle du Berry
“’Paris’ because we are all based in Paris and ‘Combo’ as in combination of a small group of people from a diverse background.” - David Lewis

First-quote-(1).jpg Was there a specific reason to why Paris Combo
was formed with individuals from different background? secondquote-(1).jpg
Paris Combo wasn’t formed as a group like from the entertainment agencies. It was formed in a very Parisian way. No one was handpicked like today’s boys-band. Our team just formed naturally…”
“…The Parisian scene was when I met Françoise and Potzi - the original members of the band. They were playing in their own separate band when I met them in 1994. That’s when we decided to form a band together afterwards with David and Emmanuel.” - Belle Du Berry
“We spent half of our lives together now. We’ve been together for the last 20 years- or even more!” - David Lewis


Paris Combo: Diverse but Complementary
“The interesting thing about Paris Combo is that we are not the same at all.
We all have a different background. Different ideas in music but we all have one common interest in playing the music we love. We have the same energy and the pleasure to play the music.” - David Lewis
The name Paris Combo really represents our band and how different we are as individuals. Some of the strengths we have as a team are tolerance and sense of humor.  - François-François
“The main thing you learn with time is that everyone is complementary to one another. That’s what makes the strengths of the group- weather it be a duo or a quartet like us. The differences should not be a weakness but rather a strength...”
“…In a sense, you have to admire the qualities of the people you are with. That’s what makes the whole thing works.  For Paris Combo, this is what brings the pleasure to play the music together.” - David Lewis
“Playing different instruments as a band is not only based on our own character as an individual, but each instruments has its characteristics as well.”- François-François.


Paris Combo - Le French May
Sharing the French culture world wide through music.
"The specificity with Paris Combo is that we always sing in French, weather we perform in the United States or Hong Kong. There are many famous artists like Daft Punk or Phoenix who are French but sings in English. By touring out side France and being a band that sings in French, we essentially share the French culture regardless of the rhythm or the type of music we play. " - David Lewis

Paris Combo ‘s Inspirations
“Meeting People- including other musicians. There is a difference between listening to a record and watching someone play the music. For me it’s the human contact that is really inspiring.” - David Lewis
“The sounds of the water are very inspiring. The sound of nature are what I admire.” - Potzi

 First-quote-(2).jpgThe French influence in Asia is quite significant through fashion, food, music, etc…
In your point of view, what are the significant Asian influences Paris? secondquote-(2).jpg
“It seems like the Chinese culture is the most significant Asian influence in Paris. For example, during the new years, we have the Chinese New Year celebrations on the streets and even on the news…”
“…Also, Paris is an important city for cinema. People are able to watch films from Hong Kong, Japan or even Korea. In Paris, you can watch any films you want from around the world.”  - David Lewis
“The Japanese culture is also very present in Paris. Lots of people love mangas from Japan.” - François-François
Food is also very centralized in Paris. Not just Japanese, but Asian in general. There are at least two big China towns in Paris!” - Belle du Berry
“Yes. Food is very important. When you go to another country, the food is like a language. It’s very sophisticated depending on the country. The dimsums are quite a bit of influence in France!” - Emmanuel Chabbey

PARIS COMBO - "Je te vois partout"

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