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South Korea is a country that has attracted me for quite a while. I have indeed met many Korean friends, and they really made me wish to visit their country. After three years of wandering in Asia, I finally decided to go to the « land of the morning calm ». And what I have discovered there, was beyond my expectations.
I tell you everything in this article with a list of my favourite South Korean cities.

Seoul, the sulphurous one



You can't go to South Korea without going to the capital city: Seoul. It is the largest city in Korea, and you will find a high-end city atmosphere. It is the futuristic features of the city that impressed me the most. The magnificent Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) building designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid astonished. It obviously looks like a spaceship and left me speechless!



But there are also beautiful traces of South Korean history in Seoul, such as Gyeongbokgung and Changgyeonggung palaces. Markets are also places to go as the atmosphere there is just great. To summarise, Seoul is a city where you cannot easily get bored!

Jeonju, the city of the Gastronomy


The city of Jeonju is located Southwest to Seoul. The city is known for its superb local cuisine. Being a fan of Korean dishes even before I went to Korea, the least I can say is that I enjoyed the food there! I ate a delicious Dolsot Bibimbap (Dolsot Bibimbap = a dish made with rice and sautéed vegetables served in a bowl of hot stone).


Andong and Hahoe, the cultural center of Korea


The city of Andong is renowned as the country's cultural centre. In particular, you can visit the folk village of Hahoe, which is located about 30 kilometres from Andong. It is a real open-air museum where you can see pretty traditional houses with thatched roofs. It reminded me of the village of Shirakawago in Japan.

Gyeongju, an historic city not to be missed



I loved Gyeongju during my trip to South Korea. The competition was fierce, but Gyeongju has something extraordinary. It is the former capital of the kingdom of Silla, and therefore there are many remains of this glorious past. You can visit the tombs of the old kings of Silla, but you can also see the Cheomseongdae observatory, which is the first astronomical observatory built in East Asia!

Busan, a charming coastal city



Now, let's go to the South of the country, straight to the city of Busan. Busan is a port city with a lovely atmosphere. Don't miss the Jalgachi fish market and the Beomeosa Temple that is fabulous!

Jeju Island, nature and culture



And let's finish with the beautiful island of Jeju : one of my favourite spot in Korea. The island has its own traditions that come from fascinating tales and legends. Jeju Island is also a rare jewel that offers superb natural landscapes.


That's all for the « little tour » in South Korea. This list is, of course, only a short list of what the country of the « land of the morning calm » has to offer. I hope that these few lines serve as a sketch for planning your next trip to South Korea.

Talk to you soon!

Translated by: TV5MONDE Asia Pacific

Mehdi Fliss, an Asia enthusiast, takes us to go on adventures through his travel blog, Asian Wanderlust. Discover his favourite destinations and know more tips to enjoy the best in your next trips in Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Japan and more.

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