Culture  10 Reasons You Need to Visit Vietnam (Part II)
02/09/201800:00 Josh Shepard

In the previous article, I have talked about few reasons why it is worthwhile visiting Vietnam because of the friendly locals, Vietnamese gastronomy and low travel expenditure. Apart from those, their natural landscapes and history are far more diverse than you could ever imagine. 

Here are 5 other reasons why you have to visit Vietnam. 

6. Cheap Hotels with Rooftop Views 

The value for money with accommodation in Vietnam is incredible. Look out for the words kach san (hotel), nha tro (hostel) and nah kach (guesthouse). Walk in, ask for a price and you’ll be surprised that a big room with two of three beds will generally cost less than 250,000 VND (USD 10).

Apart from low prices, the most common things you’ll learn about guesthouses in Vietnam is the stairs. Every guesthouse seems to have a tall winding staircase reaching up four or five storeys. At the top of many of these you can find small private rooftops to enjoy the city view.

Here's a view from the rooftop in the town of Cao Bang. It’s not too bad for USD 10 per night!



7. Asia's Best Coffee 

The streets of Hanoi are filled with small stores packed to the ceiling with coffee beans. Street cafes are crowded with locals and tourists patiently waiting with their coffee filters dripping over a glass of ice. Further south around Ho Chi Minh City the highways are lined with small hammock cafes. There is a true coffee culture in Vietnam.

Vietnamese coffee has a distinctly different taste and preparation method then western espresso coffee. The local coffees are also pretty darn strong. One will be sure to get you through to lunchtime at least.



8. A Long Imperial History 

Most travellers heading to Vietnam do not know much about the Imperial history until they arrive. If you want to find out more of Vietnam’s ancient imperial history then you have to head down to the
city of Hue.

Start with the Imperial Citadel and the Forbidden Purple City which forms the ancient quarter of the city. Venture further out of town where you will discover a whole lot of Emperor’s tombs from the different dynasties which ruled Vietnam.



9. Devastating War History 

Anyone who travels to Vietnam should know a little bit about the Vietnam War. However, by the time you leave you will undoubtedly learn a whole lot more. The Vietnamese are generally quite proud of having successfully defended their country during the war and there is plenty of war propaganda left lying around in museums to preserve the idea.

The biggest change in mindset is the idea of the Vietnam War reversing to the American War. Viewing the war history through a local perspective really gives you a completely different understanding of what occurred in this amazing and hospitable country in the 1970’s.



10. World's Biggest Caves

Vietnam is home to the world’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong. The cave which measures over 60 metres tall and 9km in length is in the Phong Nha Khe Bang National Park in Vietnam’s Central region.

Impressively there are also a number of other huge caves in the same national park including; Paradise Cave, Phong Nha Cave and Hang En Cave, which are good for exploring by foot. Alternatively, the Tu Lan Cave caters towards the adventurer where access is gained kayaking, then swimming a few hundred meters then crawling through the cave’s inner depths.


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