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15/04/201605:00 TV5MONDE


We are pleased to broadcast a 6-episodes documentary about Australia, for all the Australia-lovers, the travelers and explorers. In April and May.
Each episode of 42 minutes will be broadcasted several times on both our channels TV5MONDE Asia and TV5MONDE Pacific. To check the airing time in your country:

The episodes include multiple journeys for you to get the chance to explore the whole country!

The first leg will include a journey between
Alice Springs, which is located in the country's interior desert region right in the middle, to Marree, a town in South Australia (North of Adelaide). 


Then, episode 2 will cover from Marree to Canberra, right under Sydney in Southeast, much greener and this is why it is called the Bush


You will meet kangaroos in the 3rd episode, starting from Canberra to Katoomba, in New South Wales, where you will enjoy the view of the Blue Mountains. 


Episode 4 will bring you right to the opposite: to Gibb River Road in Northwest, where you will discover what make Aussies so happy! 


At this point it is almost the end of our beautiful trip (in episode 5) and Sven Furrer the presenter, decides to bring some romance to the trip, sharing with you everything about the Kimberley’s and its dramatic gorges and cliffs.


After exploring the ghost town of Wittenoom, the trip reaches its last destination in Perth on the west coast, with its beautiful sandy beaches and the view of the skyline. 


So, are you ready to explore more? We hope you will enjoy the documentary! Don’t forget to share with your friends, they could be interested! Happy watching mates!


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