Culture  European Heritage Days: let's go!
18/09/201512:00 TV5MONDE


Musée des Confluences, Lyon (Rhône-Alpes)

The heritage of 21st Century, a history (story) of future
On the occasion of the European Heritage Days (or Journées du Patrimone) on September 19-20th, most of monuments, cultural vestiges and gardens in France will open their doors to visitors (around 17,000 places of interest in total in France). This year is the 32d anniversary of the European Heritage days… 
This is the opportunity for everyone to look back at what the last generations have left us. 


Jardin du Château de Villandry (Indre-et-Loire)

Regarding this year’s topic, the accent is put on the architectural creations and landscapes in the last 15 years. 


Cathédrale Sainte-Marie-Majeure (Marseille)

Everyone should be concerned about the future of our heritage and especially the young ones, whether they take actions in the conception, the construction of the usage parts.


Mont-Saint-Michel (Normandy)

May we all enjoy the European Heritage day and have fun exploring the history and stories of our ancestors! Happy Heritage Days!
You can check in details the list of monuments part of the event on this website.

Are you planning to visit a cultural monument in France on this occasion? Please share your comments and your pictures with us. Thanks for reading our article. 


Grande Mosquée de Paris 
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