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March 26th - June 30th 2015


The Singaporean culture is a guest of honor at the The Palais de Tokyo of Paris until June 30th 2015.

This exhibition is focused on Singaporean arts, culture, designs and lifestyle; and is called: Singapour en France - le festival.

This festival has been organized by the National Heritage Board (Singapore), the National Arts Council (Singapore) and the French Institute, and is also supported by many different Cultural Ministers.


Some of the top-Singaporean artists and performers have come to France on this occasion to share and demonstrate their talents to the French public. They are performing in a few cities in France, and mainly at the Théâtre de Ville, the French Cinemathèque and the Palais de Tokyo.

This festival is part of the 50th anniversary of the independence of Singapore and celebrates the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Singapore.

About 70 events are held and cover various subjects among which: Fine arts, design, cinema, gastronomy, lifestyle, dance, music…

Here are a few events that are about to start:

  • Theatre: Singaporean plays (Nantes and Paris): “Emily D’Emerald Hill” by Stella Kon and “Le Cercueil est trop grand pour la fosse” by Kuo Pao Kun


  • Arts and Photography: an exhibition by Sookoon Ang (Châlon-sur-Saône):  a young artist born in Singapore and living in France; and Malik Nejmi, born in Orléans.


  • Ceramics: Under the sign of the Dragon Oven (Chéniers) : French culture and Singaporean culture are exchanging their know-how regarding ceramics, their ideas, their manufacturing and firing techniques…


  • Singapour mon amour (Paris) June 4th – July 12th: a way to explore the of the young and talented Singaporean’s universe through an artistic tour in Paris

© Nelson Yeo Chinatown

  • Gastronomy: Singapore tastes on the Seine embankment organized by Temasek Polytechnic, included introduction of games (kampung), such as “chapteh”, “5 stones” and “kuti kuti”.

  • Dance: by Christina Chan (Paris) on June 10th 

 © Christina Chan

  • Music: Oratorio d’Hector Berlioz (Paris) on June 20th by the Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir (8-18 years old) under the direction of WONG Lai Foon

 © Singapore Symphony Orchestra

  • Mojoko: an artist from Singapore 


This festival is a brilliant opportunity to discover more about the Singaporian people. The Singaporean culture is quite particular in Asia, as it is not considered as a “mono-Asian” culture, but a “many-Asian” culture (cf video at the beginning of the article).

Meet all the artists on the website: Singapour en France - le festival


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