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Last week on the night of Sunday 17th May, the 11th edition of the "Night of the museums" was held in France and in Europe. It takes place every year around May 18th. 

In France, 2 million visitors went on a cultural tour among the 1,270 museums that were opened all night long on this occasion. In total, 3,400 museums were opened in Europe. Travellers and citizens were not only offered a visit inside the museum, but were also welcomed and entertained with various artistic interventions and animations.

In Paris, which museum was the most visited?


The "Centre Georges Pompidou" was the museum that received the majority of people (26,000 people), followed by the “Musée du Louvre” (20,000 people), the “Palais de Tokyo” and the “Musée d’Orsay”.
More info on #NDM15 via twitter and on the the French Ministry of Culture and Communication website




The International Museum Day:
Moreover, those who would rather sleep instead of spending the night out of their bed could still enjoy the International Museum Day that took place on the following day (Monday May 18th.)
The International Museum Day (IMD) was founded in 1977 and initiated by the ICOMThe International Council Of Museums (Conseil International des Musées). The events and activities planned to celebrate the IMD can last from one day to a whole week.


This year, the focus is on the climate and the environment and the main theme was:
 Museums for a sustainable society.
From Peru to Papua New Guinea, from Uganda to Kuwait, 35,000 museums from 140 countries from all continents have been preparing for the International Museum Day.


    Prof. Dr Hans-Martin Hinz as the ICOM president emphasizes how important museums are in terms of education and knowledge. They help preserve the cultural heritage through exhibitions and education; and therefore contribute to the implementation of sustainable development and practices.

Museums play in deed a crucial role when it comes to raise the public awareness about changes that we MUST undertake. The respect of every living system is necessary in order to save our planet’s natural resources and to create a sustainable society. This is part of each individual’s Universal Responsibility.
To get more information about this event, check the ICOM website and hashtag #MuseumDay on twitter.



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