TV5MONDE is the world's cultural TV network in French. It is broadcasted in French and offers a wide variety of exclusive subtitled primetime films, world-class sports events, high-quality documentaries, kids’ programs, cooking and design lessons, as well as exciting game shows and in-depth coverage of international news. With a network of 10 channels reaching 265 million homes worldwide on all platforms and over-the-top, and localized programming subtitled in 12 languages, TV5MONDE reaches the world’s business and cultural elite as well as the vast global community of Francophiles.

Christmas markets in France

In France, most of the traditional Christmas markets have started already (usually 4 weeks before Christmas). They are a unique experience and they definitely put you in a Christmas mood in case yo...

, 05/12/2014 09:00

★Two Christmas appetizer recipes

These two recipes are very easy to prepare and makes excellent Amuse-Bouche. Just follow the steps to create your Salmons blinis and Goat cheese toasts with honey.

, 03/12/2014 09:00

Laos National Day

Learn more about the celebration of the National Day in Laos. Laos is also a member of the Organisation de la Francophonie.

, 02/12/2015 09:15

Happy Water Festival in Cambodia

Bon Om Tuk - For 3 days, Cambodia is celebrating the Water Festival. This is the largest and most popular celebration in Cambodia and is also a long-term tradition.

, 24/11/2015 07:00

“Study in France” Virtual Education Fair

What is it like to study in France? For those who are interested in this great experience, this event has been organized just for you. Campus France and the General Consulate of France in Hong Ko...

, 08/01/2015 09:00


Halloween originated in what is now Ireland out of the Pagan Celtic celebration of Samhain. On this day, it was believed that spirits rose from the dead and mingled with the living. The Celts left ...

, 29/10/2014 17:32

What is VizEat, the meal-sharing website?

VizEat is the meal-sharing website. This new online community connects travellers with hosts who welcome them at their homes for an authentic meal. From Paris to Rome, Bangkok to Marrakech, VizEat...

, 06/10/2014 11:35

The White Night Festival

‘La Nuit Blanche’ (White Night) is an “all-night arts festival” in Paris, held every year from 7pm till 7am on the first Saturday in October. During this one night, Paris blossoms into a breathtaki...

, 03/10/2014 23:46

National Foundation Day of Korea

‘Gaecheonjeol’ (Korean: 개천절, hanja:開天節) is National Foundation Day of Korea and it is observed on 3 October. This public holiday celebrates the creation of the state of Gojoseon (ancient Korea) fou...

, 02/10/2014 18:09

Chung Yeung Festival

“The Chung Yeung Festival” falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month and that is why it is also called as “Double Ninth Festival”. There are two versions for the origin of this Chinese tradit...

, 01/10/2014 18:15
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