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Christmas recipe: The Christmas Chocolate Yule Log

This easy recipe is delicious and will please all your guests. Personalize it by adding some nice decorations and writings! For 4 people...

, 23/12/2014 08:38

What a beautiful Christmas cheese platter!

In France, it is already difficult enough to imagine a typical meal without cheese, so what would a Christmas meal without cheese look like? No way! Read these useful tips to help you prepare your ...

, 19/12/2014 08:41

Christmas table settings decorations

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to be 2 or 20 people eating on your table; the table settings for Christmas should always to be planned! Not to worry, you still have a few days left to get ...

, 21/12/2014 08:30

Christmas recipe: Langoustines, zucchini and sweet potato with black sesame seeds

This gastronomy recipe is the perfect alternative to the usual way of serving langoustines. After all, it’s Christmas! For 4 people: 8 langoustines...

, 17/12/2014 09:00

"For a Child's Smile" opens a new branch in Hong Kong

In 1995, Christian and Marie-France des Pallières have created the Association PSE “Pour un Sourire d’Enfant” which literally means “For a Child’s Smile”. This association is based in Phnom-Penh an...

, 16/12/2014 09:00

Christmas recipe: Turkey with chestnut stuffing

French people have been serving Turkey for Christmas for a very long time as a tradition. Here is a recipe for the famous and delicious turkey with chestnut stuffing! You should definitely give it ...

, 15/12/2014 09:00

Feel the Christmas Magic in your Home Sweet Home

Decorate your Home Sweet Home with Christmas decorations! This is definitely part of the Christmas celebrations!

, 13/12/2014 09:00

Foie-gras with Ginger cake recipe

Try this Christmas recipe from Epicerie Fine and surprise your guests! Foie gras is a festive dish and very often served on Christmas dinner in France! For 4 people...

, 11/12/2014 09:00

Decorate your Christmas tree à la Française

In this article we will show you how to you decorate your Christmas tree. Would you like to create a traditional and classic Christmas tree? A snowy effect? An icy look? A warm effect? Or maybe ele...

, 07/12/2014 09:00

French oysters for Christmas?

Why not try the recipe of the Sauce Mignonette to compliment the oysters? And learn more about oysters...

, 09/12/2014 09:00
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